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Chasing the Sunset

Welcome to Hoxton Charters: Your Premier Destination for Luxury Boat Charters in the Mediterranean

Experience the Essence of Sea Elegance.
At Hoxton Charters, we specialise in providing an unparalleled experience in luxury boat charters across the majestic Mediterranean Sea. Our fleet of sophisticated yachts and boats promises a journey like no other, where the horizon is not just a destination, but a gateway to the bliss of the sea.

Your Yachting Experience Awaits

All of our vessels are unique in their ways however they all have one thing in common… an incredible sound system. We don’t hold back when it comes to sound because we know just how important it is, it can be tailored to your liking, whether that’s music so loud and with such incredible bass that the boat has ripples of waves coming off it or whether you want relaxing, easy listening chilled out music. We fit the best sound systems possible to our boats and we have multiple playlists for every occasion, so if you have a big group and want to sing along to classics at full volume you can, just as much so as you can sit back and sunbathe with the relaxing summer music on.



Explore Your Ideal Yacht

Cranchi A46



Absolute 45

Our Key Benefits

Selection of luxury

All of our vessels are as luxurious as they come, giving you the best experience possible.

Knowledgeable Guides

Our experienced Captains can offer a wealth of knowledge about Mallorca and its sun-kissed Calas.


We specialise in our music, we have a playlist for every occasion and the best sound systems for you to listen to these playlists.


Discover Our Destinations

Mallorca is known for being home to some phenomenal locations, whether it’s your first time on the island or your 100th time, we will not disappoint, from the moment your plane touches down to the moment you leave, we can provide services in everything you need.

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Spacious Decks

Our boats are designed to have the most spacious feeling decks possible, engineered to be enjoyed by all ages our vessels won’t disappoint.


Friendly Community

All of our crew members aim to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere giving you the best time possible on your charter.
Whether it’s our captains, stewardesses or deck hands we all provide an experience like no other.


Special Events

Anniversaries, birthdays, group celebrations, business meetings, romantic getaways, sunset cruises. We do it all, if you have a special request just add it to your booking and we will cater to you.


Gourmet Dining

We have a wide selection of great foods, we aim to have all different kinds of foods so that everyone can find something they can enjoy. However, if you don’t like something, don’t stress, just put a note in the special requests box and our team will arrange something tailored to you.